Cowboy Bebop is Seinfeld

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The obnoxious laughtrack that basically fades into the background due to the excellence of Seinfeld’s writing and performances is the thing that makes this scene from Cowboy Bebop into Seinfeld.


I finished Cowboy Bebop last night, in all I liked it, it had some slow parts, I give it 8 out’a 10. The music tracks saved it for me.


I haven’t seen the live action show yet. Did finish a re-watch of the anime the other day.


The live action one?
If so, I binged it over the weekend too, and really liked it. The music in particular was awesome.
It’s the first 'flix show I’ve watched in ages where I watched the title sequence every time, purely because of the groovy title track.

I’ve never seen the anime though, so can’t comment on how it compares.


Yes, NetFlix. I have zero knowledge of the story/anime, but the acting and action was good. Hope they re-up for another season.


You are missing out. I highly recommend. This is one of those rare occasions the live action gets it right.

The title track is even better in the original.

For those who love the music (same composer and band from the anime) netflix put this lovely compilation up.


Having watched the title sequence so much, there’s one shot in particular I love, and just think is so well composed, and that’s the de-saturated, almost comic-book panel shot of the smaller ship taking off.
Don’t quite know what it is about it, but there’s just something immensely aesthetically pleasing to me.


It’s on Netflix, too! (In the U.S. at least)


Thanks for posting this, I’ve been binging on Yoko Kanno for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, I tend to listen late at night and now I can’t seem to sleep more than 60 minutes at a stretch. I’ve never seen the show, now I guess I’ll need to watch.


Yoko is a genius. Her entire repertoire is vast and fascinating. Her command of multiple genres is quite impressive.


I was catching up on the anime a few weeks ago and the same thought struck me. All 3 main Bebop characters are deeply flawed, self-interested jerks most of the time, who sometimes scheme against each other until someone worse comes along! Relationships with others tend to go badly.


I can’t get into the Netflix adaptation. All the casual, gleeful murder doesn’t sit right in live-action. Seeing real people laughing and high-fiving as they murder other real people feels… not good.

I know it was the same in the cartoons, but something about them being animated, maybe being on the other side of Covid, MAGA, and my 30’s… I dunno, watching this now ain’t working for me. I wonder if I’d still enjoy the anime?

Also the editing isn’t great.


I rather like this gentleman’s take on that:


The exposition in the live-action series is excruciating. There’s a bit of it in the Seinfeld parody edit above… characters literally explaining to each other what we just saw happen in the last scene.

It would be at least a little forgivable if they weren’t remaking the episodes of the original series… so not only do they over explain it… but many people watching already know what happens anyway!

I am glad that people who aren’t familiar with the anime are enjoying it, anyway!

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