Coyote urine helps me sleep


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…how do they collect this, so much of it.



The coyotes aren’t even vegan? I’m sorry, do you care nothing about helpless cute fuzzy animals? I mean, the non-coyote ones, such as vegan foxes?


A friend recommended coyote pee.


I used fox urine to keep the squirrels away from our last house. Then I used coyote urine to keep the fox away. Now I need to figure out what keeps the coyotes away…

Edit: I’m just tickled at the prospect of an online store called “The Pee Mart”


“Try some fox urine.”



Dragon urine?


Pro-tip: This is not a term you should google image search blindly at work.


Wow, hard core 100% meat fed. None of those wussy Purina addicts.

I have also heard that human urine can deter some pests, and also can be used to “mark” territory in your yard, such as a garden, from your own dog.


Heard?? Hell, I’ve done it… who hasn’t?

As to scaring off critters, who cares…


Does it attract coyotes?


Hey, whatever floats your boat. We’re not here to judge.


Coyote urine helps me sleep

Sure, but the morning breath is the worst


We had a skunk living under the porch of a building I used to live in. The lady on the first floor heard about the pee trick, and had a jar for this purpose. She said her friend saw her walking around the perimeter with the jar and asked what she was doing. “NEVER YOU MIND!” seemed to end that line of questioning what quick.


My mom used to make me go out and pee on the garden fence in the morning, to keep the deer away.

After a week, I refused to do it anymore.


Tiger piss. Obviously. Though that might attract xenomorphs.


You can save some money by just pissing on the foxes yourself.


Probably shouldn’t even if you’re not blind.

Boy, from the subject line of this topic, I was expecting something completely different. And now I can’t get the image out of my head.