CPJ issues first-ever report on press freedom in the United States


Yeah, I’m done with this administration. I’m done with most of these institutions. It is over due to tear them apart. They have negatively interfered with my life to an intolerable extent. I don’t want to see or here from them any longer. I’m not a small government guy. My position is ‘not these guys in government.’ If they don’t like it, too bad. Get a job.

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As someone not from the US let me tell you it’s not this administration but the administrations of the last few decades.

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I agree. In many ways there has been good continuity from administration to administration due to institutional forces. That is why dissolving institutions that have opposed democracy and attack the foundation of the republic is critical. It’s the system not one administration or another. That being said, this administration is a bad one.


I think you should rephrase with it’s not just this administration, because it is this administration too.

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