America's institutions can preserve liberty, but they're also pretty good at destroying it

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I think maybe they’re best at pickling liberty.

I hope Drumpf and Bannon never understand it and keep pissing off those agencies. It will make their job of turning America “White…um Great again!” that much harder.


The American system was not designed to ensure that only Good Stuff ever gets done. The article makes that point very well.

What the American system is designed to do is to ensure that if a really Bad Guy gets in, we don’t have to wind up with his family, or his cronies, in power for the next 50-100 years.

It’s also designed to have a way to get rid of Bad Guys in a more structured way than, say, the original Jacobins were gotten rid of.


You make good points. My big fear right now, though, revolves around how the GOP has so far given in to Trumpism, allowing this administration to bypass prudent discourse and ignore institutional channels in exchange for political gains for their party and in such a way that those gains get hardwired into the US political system for long-term control of money, policy, and information. That’s what gets my head popping off the pillow late at night.

I think we must all speak constantly.

Never let them rest. Dumb perhaps, but persistence pays off, imo.

If you don’t speak now, then, perhaps, you shouldn’t be allowed to speak?

WTF kind of America do I live in now?

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