Republican election officials block restrictions on foreign spending in US elections

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Fools. Who do you suppose has more wealthy overseas contacts - a former Secretary of State, or a guy who built some golf courses?


Politics at the national level isn’t about representing anything anymore. It’s just a good way to make boatloads of cash.


American style conservatism is essentially nothing more than prosperity gospel level power worship.


Given her husbands business - she should have recused herself from this decision. In a rational world, she’d be relived of her position.

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You’d think, after nominating Drumpf, that the rump that’s left of the GOP would be doing everything in their power to visibly and volubly appear sane, rational, and to be working in the countries interests. But no.

That must have been some tasty tasty Kool Aid they were handing out at the convention back in July.


Let me say up front that I am in no way approving of this situation, but I do find it interesting that in effect it begins to level the playing field given the relative impact American elections have on the rest of the world.

Now, if people wanted to really make it more interesting and fair, consider giving everybody in the world (wealthy or not!) a vote in American elections.


Republicans gonna repub

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Citizens United Under Corporatization Or Leading, Duh. CUUCOLD.

I just leave this here…

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