Cracked's Staff Got Sacked, And (Virtually) Nobody Noticed

Michael Swaim on why he left Cracked (before everyone got sacked)


Oh, I noticed.

Nearly every one of their writers have left (either by choice or by force) over the past year and the site has gone from 4-5 new posts a day to reposts of old articles and occasional new material.

Very sad as it has long been one of my daily “must read” sites.


Oh, I noticed too, and it’s incredibly sad (even though I don’t visit daily any more.) John Cheese is gone, and he was one of my favorite writers on the site.

It looks like Cracked is in trouble. They’re heavily pushing their site subscription model-- you can’t even Like/Thumbs-up a comment unless you’re a subscriber. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (This has not been a popular move among what’s left of the commentariat.)


So, being “fiduciarily responsible” means that you make more money by getting rid of all the talent that has made your business? I don’t know, it sounds like Swaim was being very charitable in his explanation. Maybe that was the more “professional” choice, but it doesn’t IMO elucidate much.

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