Crafting with Feminism: 25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy

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I must have those “Strong Female Character Prayer Candles”. I recognize 3 our of the 5.

Buffy of the vampire slaying
Uhura of the communications channels
Sophia of the orange jumpsuit


Ironically the most voted helpful comment is also the most anti-feminist:

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Some of these look pretty cool, but some are a bit of a stretch.

Pizza, not Patriarchy?

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Stick your finger up bell hook’s dress…for feminism! JK. the irony and humor in these is pretty great. tampon buddies are my favorite, though, as it reminds me of how excited I would get as a kid about the limitless potential craft books promised about egg cartons, Styrofoam trays and popsicle sticks.

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Woah, that person is pretty prolific on Amazon reviews. When you click a profile name, and see all their reviews listed chronoligaclly down the page formatted with a header image and teaser text, it’s a little unnerving how fine the line becomes between “witty amazon reviewer” and blogger…

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Maybe it says that whiskey isn’t just for Mad Men anymore?

ETA: oops, I meant to reply to @bcsizemo:

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A lot of restaurants and bars have adult craft nights around my area. It seems alcohol and art go well together…

I wouldn’t think that’d work to well with Maker level crafting…cut off saws and cosmos…nope.

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Drunken Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects would be interesting. Anything involving power tools? Not so much.


I totally get its helpfulness: If a sexist dumb-fuck totally hates something, then I may very well like it.


So, it seems to be that the message here is that if you like heels, or like to shave your legs, you’re anti-fiminism. That seems to be the wrong message to me, if the message of feminism is women should be allowed to be themselves, and to do what they want.

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I did a BYOB watercolor class through groupon. It was pretty fun

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I’m not sure why anyone would like to wear high heels. They look painful. Leg shaving is necessary I guess if one wears pantyhose. I wouldn’t go nearly as far as to call a woman wearing high heels anti-feminist, though. This reminds me of second wave feminism, which had its problems in regard to sex positivity.

I don’t see it that way. It’s just normalizing a possible choice.

Feminism IS about making our own choices, but the culture screams so loudly about heels, and make up and shaving. Having opposing voices (out loud, in public) isn’t about saying you can’t/have-to, it’s about making sure that there are messages besides that 50s era bullshit.

I’ve never heard a feminist tell someone they should stop shaving. But, I’ve been told hundreds maybe thousands of times that I should shave because my body is gross the way it is. It’s just balancing the scales.


Since there’s a killjoy sash, I guess I’ll do the honors.

I really don’t understand the goal of projects like this. Ofc, self-care is important and to an extent radical, but these aren’t really disrupting patriarchy or helping other women. There’s no direct action, and the one publicly acting project is arguably the badges.

How can I build a union for women workers in at my job? How do I prove harassment or a hostile workplace? How can I find sliding scale clinics in my area? How can I resist gentrification in my neighborhood? Are there grants available for my community organizing? Are there shelters near me?

Books like these always seem to be targeted toward a different flavor of feminism than the one I know, one outside of my class and race strata. A kind of sterilized fight against capitalist heteropatriarchy, where it’s representation instead of resistance, slogans instead of chants, and empowerment instead of liberation.


That high heel cactus planter is really cute.


I would put a Buffy candle on my altar.

Me thinks that person missed the third wave entirely…


I do.

They’re using stereotyped, clichéd ‘feminist’ sloganeering (Smash the Patriarchy! Girl Power!) and snarky, simplistic, Girls Rule!-style “empowerment” messages to sell what would otherwise be a dull, unremarkable book about sloppy amateur-level ‘crafting.’

Nothing especially ‘feminist’ about most of it, and not much likely to smash any patriarchy, but if you can’t get people to buy this kind of crap just by venerating ‘Makers’, then I suppose you need some other hook.

This isn’t political action, it’s marketing. Really cheesy marketing.

[I confess, though, that I really like the high-heel cactus planter, too. (-: ]


Now’s when I do a tired worn-out argument about Uhura.

If we’re talking about Uhura being a strong character, IMHO this is it.

Forget the Spock relationship, it’s a distraction. In the 2009 movie and Into Darkness, she spoke multiple languages without the universal translator. Waded into danger, faced it head-on. In TOS and the TOS movies, she mostly just answered the damn phone. (At least she wasn’t a maid.)

One of many scenes showing why I’m not all that excited about Discovery. Nick Meyer made some good movies, but damn that was stupid. Even if the translator would be recognized, they could still find a way to patch it through to give her translations that she could read over comm, right?

And yes, I know that it’s been argued that ST:ID turned her into a Damsel in Distress. I agree somewhat, but going on is wading into murky, dangerous water…

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