Cragne Manor, an 84-room horror "exquisite corpse" text adventure that's a tribute to the classic game Anchorhead

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I’m sold. Can’t wait for some fungal overgrowth!


The most current website for Anchorhead is Any chance of getting it changed in the main article?


All done!


Oh goodie, a text game in the 21st century. After I play that for a while I plan on taking my hoop and stick out to the front sidewalk and then later mummy said me and sis could play hide the thimble before bedtime.

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Perv. Get off of my lawn.


Exactly! When will people cease making things like text games, platformers, first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, point and click adventure games, dungeon crawlers, miniature battle games and other dead mediums spawned in the bowels of the last century! So well and truly on point!

Sadly it appears the fine tradition of criticizing something that one hasn’t played and has no intention of playing is still alive and well, in addition to all those other things.




I’m playing Scrabble right now.




Thank you! I refuse to read this post or these comments. Reading is so medieval and outdated.
Well, I’m off to do some more scrolling and button clicking.


I have been eaten by a grue


So what are the favored interpreters for a ‘.gblorb’ file these days?

A search for ‘best gblorb interpreter’ landed me at the page on Inform’s site about interpreters, which lists several; I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few more out there.

For the Mac it lists Zoom and Spatterlight, whose site has a binary that won’t work on recent OSX versions, and points me at github for the latest.

The readme I got along with the Cragne Manor .gblorb suggests using Lectrote, which is a friggin’ Javascript interpreter in an Electron shell, holy crap there are so many levels of virtual machines going on there. It says it’s “basically your only reliable option for OSX”, uggghhhh.

For what it’s worth, Zoom shows a title image then just sits there; Spatterlight and Lectrote both seem to be running it okay.

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The consensus seems to be Lectrote; I’m told that at least one of the contributors did a full playthrough of this game on it without issue, meanwhile one of my friends got a crash in one room on Spatterlight (either way, save often I guess).

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My favorite is Gargoyle. It can play games from just about every modern IF system.

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Something tells me you don’t like to read books either. Or perhaps even don’t like games that challenge you to think.

Oh no! Report a bug please!

Regarding your friend’s Spatterlight crash, that is.

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If the reviewer isn’t quip-bombing every page of the book, you aren’t reading harsh enough reviews. :slight_smile:

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