Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dead at 46


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I just read this elsewhere and it’s very sad. She’s only about 18 months older than me, and much more importantly, had three children.


She had the most amazing voice, and the Cranberries brought a richness to rock that was unique. Bummer.


My favorite Cranberries song. Breaks my heart every time. Especially today.


It’s definitely tragic, i’m curious as to how she died though at the end of the day it’s still a huge loss for her family most of all. She was so young :frowning:


I listened to the first two Cranberries CDs practically until the laser had worn through them. I loved her voice and her passion. She will be missed. :frowning:



You will be missed dearly O’Riordan. Rest in peace.


I’ve spent entire nights playing this one on repeat.


Well that’s too soon. While I never owned a Cranberries album, you can’t really think of a top 90s set list with out at least one of their songs.



Is it too soon to joke that she will be back shortly as a Zombie-e-e-e-e?


Yes, too soon. You’ll have to let it linger. (Seriously, very sad tho)


Often it feels as if time just keeps taking all that I have loved or enjoyed, It seems so hard to find new things to be passionate about.

The Cranberries feel like something irreplaceable lost, but I suppose all those songs I loved are still there to be listened to.

Rest in Peace, Dolores O’Riordan


The ability to make great music and leave something that we can enjoy and be touched by is a valuable thing. That she died in her 40’s though, that’s really sad.


Well, I know what my playlist for the week is :cry:.

She will be missed, such an incredible voice. RIP.


Shouldn’t have bought that flea market Chinese brand CD player with one of those green lasers, I guess.


Dolorous for Dolores. She was one of the greats. Gone wayyyy too soon.


Dang, 46 is a young’un. Double dang a that.


Damn, that sucks.