Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan died in accident, reports inquest

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Aw man, she was like an icon of the 90s.

Also, I didn’t know you could drown in the bathtub because you were drunk O_0. I figured your reflexes or what ever would kick in and wake you up if you fell asleep. I guess not!


So, when did she actually die? Very recently or mid January of 2018? Perhaps a typo in the report from the surviving band members? Journalism gone worng? Santa Monica Observer? Fake news.

Not if you’re dead drunk. No pun intended.

It’s bad but the first pun that came to mind was to do with her coming back as a…

…eh, nevermind, I’ll see myself out.

It’s surprising how bad our body is at warning us about certain critical problems.

Just falling asleep in the tub is amazingly dangerous. Being proper drunk in one dooms you.


Jeez, what a way to play to the stereotype.

Uh - she isn’t actually countering the stereotype, because everyone knows cranberries float.


OH I guess it was back in January. I guess I forgot about it… but they released the cause now.

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Dolores O’Riordan drowned in the bathtub after drinking too much and was in “good spirits” at the time of just prior to her death, according to an inquest held in London.

Come on, guys. Drowning is never a fun time.


I can’t imagine the heat from the bath would help. If I remember right, alcohol and heat dilate blood vessels, which can lead to easier passing out. It’s why you also don’t drink and BBQ at the same time.


Good catch!

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Hmm, the phrase “in good spirits” seems a tad insensitive given that her drunken state led to her death.

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Let’s not get bogged down in berry bad puns

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I assumed “good spirits” meant expensive vodka.

FTFY, because I’ve never seen anyone (who drinks) not drink on BBQ duty.


Oh, I’m speaking from experience! My friends that propped me up and that took away my tiki drink are the ones that explained the whys of it to me. Just didn’t want to turn this tragedy into being about myself.


I just realized in Mexico we spent a whole day in a warm pool drinking margaritas (all you can drink) served in the pool. We only got out to pee. Well… some people did… Those were a death trap!

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It’s why you also don’t drink and BBQ at the same time.

What are you, some kind of Communist?