Crane collapse kills one in New York City

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The picture you describe as posted anonymously to imgur was taken and originally (as far as I can tell) posted to twitter by user @kvsaint.

Wow. Just imagine if there was a Kitten and Bunny Fair going on down that street, and all the local schools had let out so they could see the animals, and then the Mayor decided that looking at such animals would also be good for elderly residents, so she got area hospitals to release their worst-off patients to the street for a little pick-me-up?

Could’ve been really bad there. News at eleven!

CBS reports that high winds were blamed for the collapse.

Wow, much weaselly wordage.

So what’s at fault is nature, not whoever erected a crane that couldn’t handle “high winds”? And who did this official “blaming,” and why doesn’t CBS blame them for merely blaming nature?

(Maybe it’s all about ethics in crane-disaster journalism?)

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