Cream puff pastry keycaps

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This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I could get on with mechanical keyboards.

It’s technically possible to replace the keycaps on my Apple super flat flatty, but the mountings are so delicate that it’s nearly impossible to make custom caps, even if you have a 3D printer and a desktop CNC machine and various RTV silicones and casting resins, as I am cool enough to.

You want sticky keys? Because this is how you get sticky keys.


I have two custom keycaps, i have one that’s a brass question mark block from Mario Bros and i have a metal companion cube keycap from the Portal games :slight_smile: I plan to gift the Portal one to my significant other for xmas. I’ve been hiding it for a few months now.

But mechanical keyboards are great, you don’t even need to get one that’s super clicky and you can also get rubber dampeners to make them even more quiet. I do see you’re an Apple user, but you can still use a USB keyboard at home if you have space for one at your desk.


I wish there were good wireless mechanical keyboards.

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There’s some good ones, they typically get branded as “gamer” keyboards but with a little bit of looking its possible to find ones that aren’t garish. And the companies that make said keyboards usually have really good product support.

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O I’ve tried with mechanical keyboards. I just can’t get on with them. I can sort of dig it for typing, but it feels gummier when I’m using lots of keyboard shortcuts.

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Good wireless mechs:

Vortex Tab

Bad, the reason people are scared of wireless mechs:

Anything cheaper than like $60

Source: have owned all these.


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