Creating an AI-generated comic book in Midjourney

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The comic is freely available. For some reason, I read the summary as “it’s for sale”.

Copyright will be tricky (as mentioned in the video).

Can anyone tell who the main character is modeled on? My guess was Jennifer Connelly. The shop keeper is pretty clearly Hopkins. I recognized the Dr, but don’t know her name.

Interesting that the AI doesn’t do actions well. It’s better with a list of subjects and moods.


she looks like Annette Benning to me. definitely Anthony Hopkins as the bookseller. imma go with your guess on the main character.
it seems to me Midjourney’s default setting is “creep factor” with dark scenes splashed with loads of red.
i like it!


A long way has been travelled.

I’ve published two comics so far that were drawn by MidJourney, Lungflower and The Eldridge: Part One, and I’m working on my third. The technology is improving so quickly that each one looks better than the one before it. I know there’s been some pushback from some people in the art community about this, but to be honest it’s an incredibly exciting time to be creating things with these new tools.


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