Creative industry workers suffer the most stolen wages, according to UNESCO

Originally published at: Creative industry workers suffer the most stolen wages, according to UNESCO | Boing Boing

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“Oh, darling, we can’t pay you in that dirty money, but the exposure you’ll get working for us…”

[always said by someone wearing at least one piece of designer merch that costs more than many Americans’ annual wages]


Was thinking about interns and apprentices, too, because some are mostly paid in experience. Of course, it’s one thing when they use that as a cover to fill those jobs through nepotism and the old boys’ network. Buffy and Chad can afford to work for nothing while living at home with every need provided by their parents. That doesn’t do anything for the fledglings who need to earn money to survive while they learn.


This feels artists r laborers who desire square house diamonds. I dont strive for common love healthy or acceptance. Back to drudgery

Exactly! No one wants to steal your exposure-dollars. They’re doing you a favour, silly!


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Big yep! there. And cut to the “you’ll see 5% of net profits” Hollywood production scam played on guileless actors and writers not so long ago, with net profit being steered to being zero (or near) after all others get their cut. Which is why many agents have law degrees.


Yeah, gosh, color me shocked that industries where people often don’t think they need to pay you in the first place are also the ones where, when they do agree to pay you, they often don’t.

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Having worked in the animation industry (yes, cartoons are Art!) off and on for 20 years I got one word for you; UNIONIZE! Unions are by no means perfect but banding together in a group of people with like interests is generally a good thing.


Having worked in the game industry, I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Seems like the industry is finally coming around, thankfully.

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Weird… Checks out.

More relevant to the topic, there does seem to be a trend towards artists’ collectives and more or less formal groups of one kind or another. Defence mechanism? An attempt to create a little pearl of mutualism in the vast oyster of capitalism?


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