Creepy 1960s board games for girls included shame tokens


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Covered by Mark here.
I see it’s an update.


Airline hostess is a really demanding field. If it doesn’t work out, programming should be a common second choice, as it is a job well suited to women.


I remember the ads for Mystery Date. Possibly I even knew someone who had it, but it is hard to be certain. The line between TV and reality was blurrier in those days.


Oh lordy. I could hear the music for “Mystery Date” in my head as soon as I saw the photo. The krebs cycle is completely gone, but an ad for a horrible game from the 60s I kept.


We have a modern version of Mall Madness. It’s actually pretty fun – it has boys and girls both in it.


My whole family played Mall Madness (dad, mom and two girls). We enjoyed making fun of the computer voice the most! I guess for some it could be seen as a pro-consumption game, but honestly, I played it with productivity in mind! I figured out how to be cheap by only shopping sale or clearance stores and doing it most near my parking lot exit. There is actually some great strategy in there if you can get past the fact that it is done in a mall.


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