Creepy clown heatmap: is your neighborhood next?

I was looking at the clown free of much of the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Kansas. It must be lonely being a rural creepy clown. Maybe there are hundreds out there, but he population so sparse, no one sees them…

And of course my comment is in jest. I don’t condone violence against creepy clowns, unless they actually attack you, which is probably unlikely.


Of course, one of the sightings was in my home town. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s incomplete, too. At least one St. Louis school district sent a creepy clown sighting report to parents and said they were NOT locking down the school over it.


The local BOE has alerted people in our town to creepy clown phenomena. To their credit, the Superintendent sounds more concerned about kids being distracted by it and making false reports. But the town has been conducting lockdown drills with the local police department, just in case. The stupidity, it hurts!

I wonder how the PD will respond if I need to intervene in their frivolous exercises. “Sorry! You sending armed people into school violates my families policy. We handle our own security.”

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