Criminal corralled by crime-fighting cows


I know that it’s more likely that the cattle were either curious or expecting to be fed

Looks like they had calves and were trying to chase the unfamiliar human away, rushing at her a couple of times.



You just missed it.


To be fair, cows aren’t likely to encounter a shark, so they’re not going to be killing many of them.


We must fix this!


I just spent the one summer on a farm, but I was warned to stay on my side of the fence. Cows are bored, and curious, and they think you have food. (We fed them all sorts of table scraps.)

Cows don’t want to hurt you, but they will mill around you until they accidentally crush you.


Cows know not to mess with sharks, because lasers.


As a kid, I had the joy of watching from the kitchen window as a mother cow ‘discouraged’ a coyote from sniffing around her tiny calf. She lowered her head, stepped a few inches, and used her nose as a shovel to fling the coyote into an airborne somersault. The coyote landed with a yelp and slunk off.


cows working for the man who kills the cows and turns them into meat. About what I expected from cows actually.




It’s true. They can really moooooove :rofl:

[gets coat]


“Hey, someone’s running, is this a stampede? We haven’t done a stampede in a while, let’s go!” – cows


Dave! Cow!




Welp, now we need the Sharknado/Cownado movie cross over…



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