Group of cows greet a Boxer puppy (video)




“cows just look like something that eats lots of cheese” -Jim Gaffigan


What a well mannered pooch!

Train 'em young, folks! It pays off!


“The dog is cool. The human, on the other hand, is not to be trusted.”


It seemed as if once the black cow got a little spooked, the pup made an immediate effort to be as passive and non-threatening as possible. Nice doggy.


I think we need more heart warming post like this one here in BB. :wink:


Yeah. I’ll just be a party pooper here, but let’s just all generally try to avoid bringing cows, dogs and people together in the same vicinity, especially if the cows have calves. That’s a great way to get trampled (and possibly seriously injured and/or killed) by a herd of cows that actually don’t like having a close relative of wolves near their babies.


You’re much more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark but cows aren’t seen as dangerous. There’s far more deaths by cow than by shark.

Anyway, this is why I have strung cow-nets around Schloss Martian. Can’t be too careful in this cow-infested country. I presume the video cut out before the dog was devoured by merciless cows. :frowning:


I would have loved to see how this continues.
Will the dog lay there until the cows eventually lose interest?
Will the dog and the owner get trampled to death by overprotective mothercows?
Will the cows adopt the dog?
Will they follow the dog and human home?
Questions agogo…


Cows are not to be trusted.


Do I recall correctly that cows never lay down unless they’re seriously ill? Maybe that’s why they’re all suddenly concerned once the dog lies down.

Of course it’s at least as likely that they’re just more comfortable once it’s taken a clearly nonthreatening posture.


Cows lie down (so do horses, another animal thought not to lie down unless ill, though not for very long). They like to take a load off now and then, just as much as anyone and lay down a lot through the day.

Fun fact: Cows like water beds. Dairy farms in recent years have been starting to use water beds/pads in the barn for cows to stand and lay down on. They love it. It helps them rest and relax, and increases milk production.


“Coming this summer from SyFy - COWNADO!


Dogcow says Moof!


Given that about .01 percent of people live near cows, I think we’ll be OK…


cannot recommend this breed enough. friendly and playful, but protective of the home and family, and gentile as a lamb with children–all children, not just the ones in its home. reasonably smart, too. this video made me remember my Cafal, RIP.


Moooove on out of this thread.

P.S. Perhaps you have heard of cattle dogs? They’re close relatives of wolves.


yeah, I had been told that Boxers were bred with the intention of helping butchers bring cows to the abatoir, but there was no mention of that on the wiki, so that may be apocryphal. but this dog is acting like how my German Shepherd acts around some other dogs–laying down to diffuse any dominance issues; obviously Shepherds have an instinct towards co-existing with livestock so I take it that’s maybe what we’re seeing with the boxer, too.


I’ll put in a vote for ‘pragmatic pooch’. Badly outnumbered and on a short leash is not a strong bargaining position against anything remotely familiar with trampling.


I herd they get along fine