A man speeding on his bike learns the hard way that bulls aren't friendly

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Once in a smallish town not too far from where I live, a friend of mine was riding in a hilly area. He went around a corner at speed towards a bridge. ON that bridge were 2 bulls fighting each other. He had to ditch to the side and had a pretty bad crash.

He said the bulls were in the news that night because they were trampling on stuff all over town. He did not make the news.


Bulls can and do kill one another. They are no joking matter!


One has to admit some bicyclists tend to dress a bit too much like rodeo clowns. /s


The proper way to dismount a bull.

clown rodeo GIF


I’m sure they’re not, but also they’re usually pretty placid. There’s a gravel road that is commonly used by cyclists near here, because it cuts through a ranch, there’s no traffic and it’s nice/scenic. There is also often a bull standing on or near the road at some point. Pretty much everyone has had to pass/go around that bull one time or another, never been an incident afaik


Fuck with the bull, get the horn. lesson # 1 on the farm. Lesson # 2 is the heifers aren’t real nice either.


With Bulls it depends on the breed to a certain extent, if a heifer is with calf you better keep your distance regardless of breed especially if you’re unfamiliar to them. If I’m walking a pasture I keep close to the fence .


In Jurrasic Park and other dinosaur movies the characters say, this dino is safe, its a herbivore/vegetarian. I always yell at the screen: bulls are vegetarian too. It doesn’t mean they’re harmless.


Any animal gets concerned when you charge right at it. A charge is a universal threat. I don’t know why people assume they can go full tilt right past a bull. Slow down, and take a wide berth.

I hope no one tries this “go super fast right toward it” strategy with a moose.


I can’t have been the only one to misread this as the Rock Gobbler gravel race… and if the bull is a feature, then it would explain why.


My dumb younger self once rode head down (not looking) right at a very large male Elk during the rut. Thanks to my cousin yelling, I stopped maybe 10 ft away and it was facing straight at me. Thankfully he was guarding a group of females and firmly stood his ground enough for me to slowly back off. He was a big boy, but a Moose would be downright “new pants” terrifying…


Lost World dispels that notion with the first Stegosaurus encounter.




Same actually goes for most farm animals.



Be very very wary around those bovines.
At least bulls are universally known to be on the easily triggered side, but cows themselves can be extremely dangerous, especially with young calves around.

Walking on our way back from a hike in the Monte Siella area, our group separated: my family and I hurried up due to an appointment in the evening, and after all we were now on a plain country road, not on mountain trails. Our friend and her nephew decided to take it at a slower pace.

Along the road we passed through/close a herd of cows, we did not give much thought about it.
Later, in the evening, we tried to contact our friend, to no avail.

Well, this had happened.

It took more than six months for her to fully recover.

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I don’t know if those are stock photo cows in the article, or if they were involved; either way, they look pretty evil.

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And that’s after millenia of domestication. Wild relatives can be a terror. I was in Kenya where there we had strict instructions not tp go outside during the night unless we absolutely had to, and if you did, make sure to use a flashlight. Not for fear of leopards of elephants, but the wild bovines. This was on Mount Kenya so it wasn’t the big buffalo on the savannah, but they were big enough and did not like to be disturbed.