Woman messes with bull on a beach, gets the horns (video)

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I really don’t understand the mindset of people who just walk up to huge bulls or bison or moose, etc.

I find these animals terrifying and would give them a wide berth.


So this local Chicago news station is now spending air time pushing random Internet videos, which they can’t source, but is apparently far away from them (one search hit says this is in Mexico)?

Our news media truly is broken.


Admiration from afar is best with animals who can easily trample you to death… :+1:


Yes! including animals who are domesticated, give and receive affection, and are normally friendly, reasonable and civilized.

Should a fly bite even a wonderfully sweet horsie at the wrong time, very bad things can happen…like when my mom was thrown and broke her shoulder.

It appears that many people were hatched as fully-formed adult humans who haven’t a clue how much of the world works.

I find it terrifying that my planet has moose- and bison-hasslers, not to mention the apparent need for safety signs on chainsaws which advise against users operating said machinery near their genitalia.


You had to mention it! /silly

And sadly, I can’t look that up because most of those roads lead down HR avenue at the moment. :smiley:

(most saws get treated with respect from me, because I value having all my appendages intact.)

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