This guy almost gets killed by bulls at least four times, but gets away

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Shit, did you see that bull full oh head butt the other? That will leave a mark.


An American tourist in Spain goes to a restaurant and notices another guy eating an unusual dish. He calls the waiter and says, “Excuse me. What is that gentleman eating?”

The waiter says, “Ah, that is our house delicacy—the testicles of a champion bull killed earlier today in the arena. We serve that dish just once a day, but if you like I can reserve tomorrow’s pair for you.”

The tourist considers for a moment and responds “Sure, why not? I like to try new things.”

The next day, the man returns and enjoys the meal. Afterwards he calls to the waiter and remarks “That was delicious, but I don’t understand—why was the dish you served me so much smaller than the one I saw yesterday?”

The waiter responds “I apologize for that, sir. You see, sometimes the bull wins.”


Loser. Why didn’t he just do a flip over the first one’s horns and ride it? No saddle? Oh poor baby!

EDIT: I guess it would be a flip with a twist. Excuse me, Elvis Stojko!


Can’t wait for the day that this dumb ass bull run (and bull fights) will be a thing of the past.


Because the only reason anyone does that is for a giant buckle at the end of the day, and they don’t do that in Spain.


One always gets away, that’s good marketing to future dumb asses.


I agree. I found this hard to watch and felt compassion for the bulls slipping on the pavement and stones. Enough with the barbaric use of animals as entertainment!


Needs more Yakkity Sax


I kind of get the idea of the thrill of doing something stupid like the bull run, but those bulls are being sent to die a long, painful, cruel and undignified death at the hands of bull fighters. I would not find joy in an activity that is literally parading another creature to a death that is not quick or humane.


Why am I buying the lottery today? I heard it was a tax on stupidity and I just received a lot of evidence I’m incredibly stupid!


Saved by the bull!


There’s nothing wrong with using the behaviour of animals for entertainment (witness 90% of all youtube cat videos).

There is something deeply wrong with harming animals for entertainment.


Yeah, I agree watching a nature documentary or going bird watching is fine. Using animals and forcing them to perform or to be otherwise used as the object of entertainment, not so much. And when they are harmed physically or mentally, it’s a pretty easy judgement to make, IMO. This is obviously a pretty nuanced subject and I was specifically referring to the bull running video.

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There is something deeply wrong with harming animals for entertainment.

uh, the only animals being harmed here (potentially), are humans.

You are aware that the running of the bulls only happens because the bulls are being herded to the bullring where they will be killed, right?


He was well and truly fucked at the end there when he was on the ground, and only made it out thanks to the second bull who thought bull number one was squaring up for it rather than the human on the ground. That was scripted better than an action movie. That was absolutely incredible.

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The only thing that can stop a bad bull with horns is a good bull with horns.


Agreed. They should only be pets, food, clothing, and decorations.

(A bullfight was one of the most horrific things I’ve watched though…)

He definitely had luck on his side, but his agility was quite impressive as well.

In the same circumstance, I’m pretty sure the first bull would have made short work of me.