Powerful anti-bullfighting PSA uses CGI dinosaur

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Now make way for ‘cultural tradition’ for the sake of ‘cultural tradition’ arguments.


Well. it was exactly what I expected’ however I was hoping that the Raptors would tear someone’s face off…because in reality a Velociraptor would be far more agile than a bull and would gut the human being before he knew what was happening.

@hecep many traditions make absolutely zero sense.


A velociraptor would be roughly the size of a large chicken or turkey.

A deinonychus or utahraptor on the other hand…


And covered in silly feathers. #notmyjurassicpark


I have no tolerance for bull fighting or any use of animal deaths for entertainment and the actual footage is really hard to watch. It sure seems like replacing the bull with a cgi dinosaur actually makes it more palatable to me, knowing it’s not real, but is real… but not… Crap, is this the Voight-Kampff test!!!


Yikes! That is indeed a tough one to watch.

My moral position is on shaky ground, I know, because I’m a typically carnivorous American. I pay other people to kill, butcher, and neatly shrink-wrap the meat I eat.

But bullfighting is blood-sport, and making a festival of the killing of a creature by torture is a thing I wish we could get beyond, as a species.



The manus is not oriented properly, and it appears they’ve plucked the hell out of it.

For god’s sake we’ve known these animals had feathers for ages now. GET WITH IT CG PEOPLE.

The tail should also probably be a lot stiffer, and I’m wondering what drugs they gave it to reduce it’s ability to slash and accelerate.

And they could probably jump, so that wall hiding the audience is far too low, but that’s a minor nitpick.


There’s always one.


And sometimes two.

I live with certain hypocrisies in my life, but the notion of a spectacle of something where the suffering is an indispensable part of an activity is just too much for me. Even hunting (an activity that holds no appeal to me) is filled with people who would far prefer to kill something at the first shot rather than have it linger.

Also, I’d love to see people fight raptors and get disemboweled and eaten alive.


I’m not much for it and don’t do it anymore, but I’ve fished and hunted with my family as a kid. My dad never let us kill anything we weren’t going to eat or give/sell to the butcher who prepared it for frozen storage for us. As long as people eat the meat and they make their kills quick, I don’t have any objection. I respect ethical vegetarians and vegans who practice what they preach even though I don’t share their ethical objection. But whether people agree with me on eating meat or not, torture is sick and vile, and bullfighting is the epitome of all that’s wrong with it. So I respectfully disagree that you’re on shaky moral ground in opposing it.

ETA: Now that I think about it, even our garden isn’t really vegan. Our cats are pretty good hunters, and kill a fair number of mice and other critters that would otherwise eat our produce. And frankly, given the state of some of their kills I’ve found, they play with their prey a lot longer and more gruesomely than most human hunters I’ve known.


watching this was sad. remembering that we used to do the same thing to HUMANS is even more sad.


That too still happens. In the heart of liberal America no less…


What are you talking about? Feathers are cool.


At least the torture in the bull fight is relatively short compared to being forced to live one’s entire life pumped up on antibiotics in part because one lives in a space too small to allow one to move out of one’s own excrement.

And yes: I know not all husbandry/meat production entails that, but let’s not kid ourselves that somehow the bull fighters are “animal torturers” and many meat producers are not.


You think so?

(If I were up to making a point, I’d ask if that were a picture of you or someone’s cat.)

fucking vile “sport”


That squeaking sound you hear is me squirming uncomfortably in my chair :slight_frown:

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Velociraptor is just his stage name.

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