Critique of the Kindle Oasis

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I really wish the DX experiment hadn’t failed. I’d really like a larger screen with the resolution and contrast improvements the smaller units have for showing technical documents.


I feel bad for this Vinh. He’s developed such strong feelings for good design that he gets queasy using a Kindle? Yeesh.

My recommendation for people that are learning about design or coffee or bourbon or typography or architecture or just about anything is to learn enough about it to appreciate good design (or coffee or bourbon or…) but stop before you get intolerable to those around you. If you can’t go to a baseball game with friends because the stadium includes Sam Adams beers in their craft beer list, you’ve gone too far.


I was thinking the same thing. It was kind of like reading a bad review for a movie based on the color of the theater seats.


Day planners from 90’s are awesome.


That article was so ridiculous that I am wondering if it’s satire. (If it is, it’s not that good.) Maybe it’s just trolling. It’s right there in the title: “design snobs”. The world these days is full of pretty things that don’t do much.

Waaaa… waaaa… I don’t like the radius you’ve chosen for your rounded corners. You must not understand deep human feelings.


I liked it for reading 8.5 x 11" PDF files.

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Paperwhite owner here. I am totally put off by the newer, more complicated kindles. I don’t want more buttons or a case. But I still can’t figure out how to organise my books. The user interface could do with some work.

I organize my collections in the Kindle app on the iPad since the iPad isn’t super slow to do so.

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