Cross-examination about the finger


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With our court system so badly over capacity, and further weakened by the sequester, it’s good to see such attention to detail. Also, amusing.

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Clears things up for me.

Who uses a finger to gesture “go around me” ?

I usually wave my whole hand in the “go around me” gesture.

And what did the green tie have to do anything?


Some people will point casually with forefinger out, but the rest of the hand only slightly clenched, although I tend to see it in older people most often.

It seems the defense witness is trying to point out that the lawyer is confused about which hand was used, though the lawyer might also have been trying to solidify, by planting the suggestion in the judge’s/jury’s mind, that indeed, the right hand was used.

This is what I hate most about not being able to respond to prosecution when not directed to.

The setting instantly struck me as familiar… I did an A/B on these two videos, and it seems highly likely that this is not the first time this exact court has ventured into the absurd:

My grandfather used to point with his middle finger, most often when indicating something on a map. Being like, eight, I used to (silently) find it hilarious.

The funny thing is, I now find myself doing it occasionally, in the specific context of maps. But only map-pointings that demand significant gravitas.


what gets me is the fact that police are so easily offended from their positions of power…shouldn’t they be trained to ignore people flipping them off, or swearing at them? It isn’t illegal to flip off another civilian or swear at them, and shouldn’t be illegal, while it might indicate poor lack of self control or distasteful I consider that part of free speech. Officers should be protecting the rights of free speech and just ignore such vulgarities instead of replying with hyper overly aggressive power trips…at least that is my opinion.


No relation to General Krebs, by any chance?

:slight_smile: That totally caught my eye when I watched that movie.

Same approximate generation, different side, different theater. It definitely seems to be an old-school (possibly military-only?) move.

I totally use my middle finger when adjusting my glasses. It didn’t occur to me until now what I’ve been doing.

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If something does something to that warrants a bird flipping when I’m in a work vehicle I can’t do it because people are vindictive little tattletales who will try to get me in trouble. When that happens I’ll subtly tap my left middle finger on the steering wheel to make people think they might be getting flipped off without it being provable.

That is a clever Judge though.

What’s a “storage lane”?

I think it’s where people on the highway store their cars until traffic starts moving again.

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It’s a pretty ambiguous gesture, and you know what they say “If the finger’s deniable, he’s not civilly liable.”


Only Federal courts have to contend with the Sequester. Federal courts are not traffic courts.

In a relatively few cases Federal courts do adjudicate traffic cases. An example is a civilian violating a traffic law on a military base.

OK, but the majority of traffic cases are heard by local courts–municipal, justice of the peace or county. Again, the Sequester has zip to do with local courts.