Cross My Heart Hope To Die: "Rollercoasting" (music video)

Above, the trippy new video for “Rollercoasting,” by Cross My Heart Hope To Die (“CMHxHTD”) from the group’s self-titled EP. Shot/edited/produced by Adrian Storey and Uchujin Films in Tokyo. Download a torrent of the new EP here, and support the band by buying it on iTunes or Amazon. You can listen/stream the record at Soundcloud.… READ THE REST

Too bad the special digital “d’effects” are used in every single second of the video instead of sparingly for impact.

torrenting nao. i remember when you first posted about them, glad there’s a torrent up now, was looking for a few days. I’m a big Muggs fan and DJ Cam, DJ Krush, Portishead so this is really for me. I miss this style of drums.

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