This is a pretty awesome a capella dubstep video. You should really watch it




well that’s 4 minutes of my life I’ll never get back…


I need new headphones.





At least he apologized. Skrillex never even gives me the time of day.


Hey Xeni, this guy is EVEN BETTER!


God, that was annoying.


i’m really hoping this is a someday-famous-but-right-now-unknown genius comic, testing out his new pee-wee herman-like character.


you’re a patient, patient man.


The T-shirt is icing on the cake.


Oh gods, I hope so. I really, really hope so.


i’ll also add that i really hate when the Bb posters troll us, just because they can.


This is actually a pretty great a cappella dubstep video and I say that without a hint of irony or rick-rolling.


Was there any teasers at the end?

I didn’t make it too far. he does capture the annoying nature of dub step.


I gotta admit, that was genuinely neato.


That was pretty great, but I’m not sure it really qualifies as a capella, when the mics are being run through heavy effects, and the loops are being played like instruments via a keyboard. Very cool but stretching the definition a bit imho.

I think Walk Off the Earth was closer to hitting the mark (even if this song isn’t your style), with their all vocal, no effects, song…or at least i could see how this idea and technique could be adapted to true a capella dubstep to make something spectacular in the right hands.


I think I’ve found my new leader.



It was a little hard to dance to.



Based on the rest of his YouTube channel, I am inclined to agree that this is indeed the case.

Not really a capella, as mentioned above, but still very cool. I stand in awe of people with the skills to do live looping like that. There’s a local artist from near Toronto (Guelph) who has a cool sound and does a lot of live looping that I’ve been wanting to see in concert… Let me see if I can find her.

Edit - found her! Ambre McLean (link is to her YouTube channel). Here’s a sample: