Cross-stitched classic Mac control panel

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Susan Kare would approve!


Gotta love the simplistic design of this control panel. It’s amazing how much information one can convey in so few pixels!


I really love this!

Reminds me of the good old days when I loved Macs… Such nostalgia is just perfect for cross-stitched sentiment (as well as graphically appropriate)


That’s some good cross-stitch, but I maintain that cross-stitch belongs in the DSM-IV. Why not knit or crochet this as a blanket? Granted it’s an odd shape, but you could include the whole desktop and menu bar (384 rows of 512 stitches).



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Such a nice flashback.

Bittersweet. Computer GUI design was much, much better back then.

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Using all that time and not doing something cool like GEOS, AmigaOS/Workbench or Arthur/RISC OS.

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Pre- System 7 Mac OS is epic and the point of interest is that many people recognize this panel, unlike your suggestions. Also, the old control panel was an epic example of what the Mac philosophy stood for: minimalism and high usability.


Really more recognized then Amiga Workbench? Gods Europe was different I never saw a Mac in the 80s but C64 and Amiga 500 we’re everywhere. Pirated versions of GEOS were common too.

But then again I have always been a command line kind of a guy.

I came here for this comment.

Kare is rightly revered for this. So many things we take for granted came through her mouse.

Works well over slow modem lines. Also common on early Macs (at least that’s how I had to check my e-mail and render ). Might also lend itself to cross-stitch? Do a man page of a command?

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First words of english I ever learned we’re:
LOAD"*" ,8,1

I could barely read or write back then… Those lines will be there when everything else is lost. Even the childish dirty joke about the commas that doesn’t translate. Pillu kahdeksan pillu yksi (pilkku = comma pillu = pussy) 10 year old who thought me also teached me how to win at Samantha Fox Strip Poker… I miss being seven

To me and most of my acquaintances, certainly, yes. But then again, we’re mostly ‘creative’. Yes, Amiga and C64 was there a long time before, also ZXSpectrum and Apple 1 and II, as well as BBC Micro and all that, but we really didn’t bother that much until there was a computer we could draw a decent picture on, even if in strict black and white. Still, the mere resolution of the first Macs looked amazing and let us forget about colours for years to come.

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