Gallery of vintage OS desktop screenshots

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Whoa, “FrameMaker 1.0”? Cool. I didn’t start using FM until 2.0.


I must admit I sometimes think fondly of my old Sun 3 workstation with its then groundbreaking million pixel black and white monitor. It just looked so crisp - and there was so much space!

But what was in the water supply when Commodore released v1 of Workbench in that black, white, orange and blue combination which much surely vie with the CGA default as a particularly queasy combination? And what was it with the Amiga’s arrow pointer being at such an odd angle? It always looked wrong.

It’s little things like that which show the level of care the human interface team at Apple put into their designs for the original Macintosh. The machine itself was slow, crashingly limited in usefulness and insanely expensive - but that interface was genius.


dither seems cool. but, i can’t make up my mind about it


Back in the day I didn’t have such a fancy graphics card and had to make do with 16 colors and whatever that trippy one-palette-per-window feature was called.


Framemaker and XV. A bit of a nostalgic feeling.

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For me, the Aldus Pagemaker and CorelDraw! really take me back.

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Wow! That recycled some neurons that could have done without being recycled.

I had almost forgotten the horrors of Sun CDE, but now they’ve all come back.


Where was GEOS for the C64?


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