How Susan Kare applied embroidery skills to create the iconic Macintosh icons

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It’s harder than it looks, because the original mac was just 1 bit per pixel.
Black. White. That’s all you had.

I made some reproductions of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck in OG MacPaint, which got printed in Mac User, and let me tell you, picking which pixel to start a 50% shade on one end of a drawing could have massive repercussions on the other.
This is long before Photoshop came along and let you scale, dither, etc.
Having fewer choices may make some things easier, but looking good isn’t one of them.


The iconic icons. Well, they’d better be…


I love this photo of her


Very cool: do you have any images online?

Did she do CowDog? I loved cowdog.

Sadly, no – they’re probably on moldering floppies in the basement, but even if I could get the old Mac Plus to boot, and the files read, I haven’t the faintest idea how I’d transfer them to another medium.
I tried searching – and it looks like it was MacWorld, not MacUser, which had a “MacWorld Gallery” column every month up until 1986 – but their collection isn’t complete.

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