Original 176 emoji acquired by New York's MoMA


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We have a winner. Close the thread.



Kitty cat riding a toboggan.


Like, the original electrons making up the original 1s and 0s? Did he originally paint them in egg-wash on britsol board while looking at a nude woman with x’s for eyes and her tongue hanging out?

Yeah, I RS*TFA and the process or meaning of acquisition in this case wasn’t really clear…



No zucchini and peach? :fearful:


For a museum to “aquire” these digital “objects” must mean something different than when an ordinary person just prints out the list and tapes it to the wall. It would take a lot more wine and cheese than you and I will ever have, to do it the same way they do!


Never used these, but hell, I feel old looking at them. I recall the 90s, when they musta looked brand spanking new, like it was yesterday.

Growing old is a bit shit, but I guess it beats the alternatives available…


I can’t wait to hear the audio guide as recorded by Jeremy Irons.

“Critics saw the camera emoji in particular as a foreshadowing of the culture of self-referentiality and meta-ness…”



Come to think of it, I would expect Susan Kare’s Macintosh icons to be of greater artistic significance. I mean, I expect a lot of people would be completely unfamiliar with this specific set.


Yeah. My friends and I have been using imotikons in Korea for much longer. MoMA may want to doublecheck their research.


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