How new emojis are born, a comic

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How new emojis are born

:smiley: :smiley:
:kissing_smiling_eyes: :flushed:
:smiley: :coffee: :coffee: :smiley:
:smiley: :bicyclist: :mountain_bicyclist: : :smiley:
:smiley: :spaghetti: :spaghetti: :smiley:
:heart: :heart: :heart:
:clock11: :date::nine:


Japanese invent emoji.
Lots of emoji represent Japanese foods.
Japanese love dumplings.
Why no dumplings? :confused:


Japan brought Emoji
Many will represent food
There are No Dumplings


There would be a number of suitable XKCD for this one, but this would be the most apropos:


Why are Netflix and Symantic voting members?


So many penises…


I want a button emoji. Just a simple button, like from a shirt. This will enable me to popularize the use of a button to mean “thank you” when I’m texting with my Korean friends. (“Button” is 단추, tanchu, which sounds kind of like thank you. Kind of.) Trust me—this is going to be so great!

Also a Space Needle emoji. Thanks! [button emoji]


Meh. $18,000 is nothing. Some dev probably expensed it because they had a funny idea for an emoji they wanted to stick in a comment.


I did it (no thanks to the measly emoji set)! After years of tireless toil, I have created the perfect button/thank you symbol! I give you… the Tanchu:


And the world was never the same.

EDIT: NO! My precious, ruined by the automatic boingboing emoji insertion protocol!!

The Tanchu is open paren-colon-colon-close paren.

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ETA: Literally: \(::\), which looks like a cheering four-eyed alien. I suspect you don't actually have to escape (i.e. \ ) the open parenthesis.

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My crusade might be over before it began. I was reminded that Koreans sometimes say 땡규 (ddaeng-kyu) to approximate “thank you.” Tanchu might not sound enough like “thank you.”

I’m crushed.

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I’d be unsurprised if marketing had something to do with it. There has already been some vendor-specific…innovation… in “Branded Emojis”. Those don’t get official codepoints, or work outside the systems of whoever is being paid off.

The Unicode Consortium isn’t going to go for anything as overtly trademarked; but more or less thinly de-branded emoji intended to work with your marketing message aren’t off the table; and if you already have good brand recognition, your odds of ‘recaputuring’ whatever emoji you filed your logo off of to get it past approval are pretty good(Just try to deny that, even if the emoji is technically ‘stream movie’ or ‘watch video online’ it won’t become the first symbol in the most compact representation of “Netflix and chill?” within hours…)

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In the interests of avoiding my pet rage-laced epic of pure loathing; I’m just going to quote UTR51 “Longer Term Solutions”

The longer-term goal for implementations should be to support embedded graphics, in addition to the emoji characters. Embedded graphics allow arbitrary emoji symbols, and are not dependent on additional Unicode encoding.

Don’t worry emoji, mommy still loves you, I’m sure.

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