Cross-stitched scene from Ultima 1

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Can we steal time from those who clearly have too much it?


That’s a cute project.

(Next: Cross-stitched scene from The Planet of Clowns from Ultima II. If they surround you the only way to escape is kill the bastards!)

(OK. Fine. They were jesters, not clowns. Also, it might have Uranus. Early Ultima was odd.)


A cross-stitch that emulates NTSC color artifacts. Now I’ve seen everything.


Man, I remember saying “esipsed” to get into the first dungeon. And then trying to say each dungeons name backwards whenever I found a new one, juuust in case the game tried the same trick twice.

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Oh man, I remember playing that as a little kid on my Apple II; it was really confusing. “Okay, so I’m a knight in a fantasy land. But… There’s like a rocket ship to go to other planets? And it only sometimes makes it to the destination, so sometimes you end up in crazy weird places? What?”


I wonder what the PAL version looks like.

Ultima 3 had the weirdest background music. It was the first video game I played which had an actual score to it.I feel really really old.

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Me: <goes out, buys trilby for express purpose>
Me: tips hat

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