Cross the street in Iceland and float through the air


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Trompe means fool? How convenient - it is the same in English.


Pretty convincing, at least as long as you ignore the shadows cast by other objects going in the ‘wrong’ direction or the lack of such shadows in overcast conditions.


it also gets the attention of drivers,

But probably only as long as it’s a novelty.


Good way to train drivers that what appears to be obstacles on the road are flat things you can zip right over.

I’m sensing a pattern here…


Google translate tells me trompe means “deceived.” Also sadly appropriate.



This is great! It reminds me a bit of the intersection “reclamation” done through art by the City Repair group in Portland, OR,

They’ve reduced traffic speed and accidents wherever installed, and have the added bonus of building community.


Or the fact that it only works from one direction.


It seems like this would work once, maybe twice before people are wise to it. Still, at least it’s a cool bit of street art after that.



My favorite Father Ted episode EVER


Just like higher mounted brake lights. Once their noticeability born of novelty wore off…


Bullshit, the illusion only works from the driver’s perspective.



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