CrossOver 17 lets you run Windows on your Mac or Linux system

It’s currently rated as 3 stars - Limited Functionality. Previous versions were 1 Star - Will Not Install.

I am a longtime Crossover user, and don’t consider anything below a 4 star rating as being truly compatible. It’s disappointing that Codeweavers don’t believe the same.

Crossover started as a Linux product and introduced the Mac version later. I assume that @DrRobMcC is using the Linux version.

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I would be more interested in running osx inside a VM (in linux or windows) than running windows on a mac. The majoring of what I want to do, do, and use is windows native. Gaming, and what not…

But I’d like to have access to the terminal program (read:terminal program; not the shell) iterm3. I have found nothing like it in windows. It has terminal level triggers; you can have it high lite strings for example, or bell, without scripting. And the search box is attached to the window as opposed to existing as a separate and floating window that you have to manage. Putty and securecrt just do not compare to iterm3.

If anyone who uses iterm2/3 who understands the difference between a terminal and a shell, understands triggers, and attached search boxes are aware of anything remotely close existing for windows please let me know.

It is in many ways the upstream for WINE.

Would be much more accurate to say “Windows applications”. It’s not a VM after all.

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