CrossOver lets Mac users run Windows programs seamlessly — and it’s $20 now

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Does it work with M1 macs?

I don’t have first-hand experience with m1 macs, but it looks to be. You want to check the specific app you’re looking to run (I think they do have a trial). Crossover works differently than other approaches. Instead of working at the (Intel) processor level, Crossover implements the calls to Windows and “translates” them to calls to macOS. This lends itself to working on non-Intel chips, you don’t need a copy of Windows, etc.

I used it at a previous job years ago. I think we were running Outlook or Quicktime Player in Linux.


So it’s more like WINE than a VM?

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Yep. It’s actually based on WINE.

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First, you mean macOS, not iOS, and second, that’s a dirty lie.

CrossOver, however, works fine if the application you need to run passes the Compatibility | CrossOver Mac and Linux | CodeWeavers list. Games, with their particular GPU requirements, are trickier than most apps. Get it if you need to run something it supports well.

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Sooo…with this help Windows malware run on my computer, all without needing to have Windows? :thinking:

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