Crowdfunding the publication of Samuel R Delany's journals

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Does anybody know anything about a possible Dhalgren movie? I can only imagine that it must be tied up or something. On re-reading a couple of years ago I couldn’t get past how good it would be on screen.

Dang, I still didn’t get around to Delaney, somehow! Was meaning to read Stars in my pocket like grains of sand for the longest time. Good entry point?

I never see it mentioned anywhere that Delaney is pro-NAMBLA.

I don’t remember enough about that one to know if it’s a good entry point or not. I kind of think that some people like it better than others.

I can heartily recommend Nova, though. It was one of the first ones of his I read and probably still one of my favorite books. Triton would probably be a good place to start, as well.

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I liked it, but you should be warned it was the first book of a planned two. He has stated the second will never be written. My understanding is that the ending of a long term relationship with the man who inspired the book, as well as the AIDS epidemic changing the scene he lived in, diminished his desire to write the sequel. This understanding is based on my having wondered why the second book was never published and looked on wikipedia though. So… give it the trust you give any wikipedia article. The first book is reasonably satisfying, but you will be left aware of the intended presence of a second book that will never be written.

@MrMonkey’s recommendation of Nova is good. I would also add Babel-17.

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Thanks - from synopsis, both sound good, perhaps especially Nova!

Sadly, neither give me any hits in bookstores online. Gonna have to see what I can scrounge up!

ETA: never mind! Spelling his last name Delany, instead of misspelling it Delaney, suddenly gave me plenty of hits…

How about The Jewels of Aptor, or Captives of the Flame? Found those on project gutenberg!

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