Samuel R Delany named a science fiction Grand Master




I wonder how many other Grand Masters he had to fight to win the title.


I knew I’d seen him before.


I admire his fiction; I am in gobstruck awe of his essays and criticism. I started with Shorter Views, which was kind of getting thrown in the deep end, but it changed my life as a reader and writer. About Writing might be a smoother entry point if you’re not ready to wrestle with some occasionally very dense prose.


'Bout time.I love this guy. My fav of his is Dhalgren. One of the most mindful books I have ever read. Even if it was ‘experimental’, it’s a find read many times over.


I saw him twice a week for a whole semester. GO Chip!


Yay for Delany. My favorite for many years before I discovered Lem. Not really a fan of Stars in My Pocket (the book was pure drudgery for me, although the long intro is super-cool) but Nova and Dhalgren are amazing, I think. He has a sense for poetry and mysterious other-worldliness that I don’t experience with many writers, much less sci-fi writers.


Long overdue and well deserved. Of course both of those tend to be the default for Grand Master status.


Twice, I’ve tried wading through Stars In My Pocket, and twice, I gave up. I just found it unreadable, despite being the sort of thing I normally like.


Nailbiters (a common feature of all his protagonists) rejoice in delight for Mr. Delany, his song has gone too long un-praised. And where the snot can I get one of those chains a la “Dhalgren”?


Hard to believe he wasn’t already a Grandmaster… The late great Frederik Pohl wrote a nice piece on the publishing of Dhalgren a few years back. Worth the read for Delaney’s comments!

And this interview with Delaney in the Paris Review is a fun read:


I’ve got a certain fondness for Babel-17. It isn’t his best work, but it’s a fun concept and a vividly drawn universe.


Oh he already was. Now it’s official.


Decided to re-read Tales of Nevèrÿon out of the blue. Loved it then. Love it now.

Delaney is one of the greatest. Amply deserved.

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