Crowdsourced sleuthing exonerates politician viewing "dirty" pic

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That’s still a pretty hot picture.


How did the guy find it so fast? Someone already have a back door or malware on his phone and can look at browser history?

It almost suggests that people should avoid knee-jerk reactions to things they don’t know much about.


YES! I love women who play chess!

Mainly because they’re more clever than me.


Ok, so he wasn’t looking at porn - but how does this actually exonerate him? He was still doing something completely irrelevant to his job, while on the job, surely?


Weil er die Zauberer ist.

Politicians are not paid by the hour.


Sure, but presumably this was some context in which he was supposed to be paying attention to what was going on? Or was that perhaps during a long legislative session where that’s not expected/possible?

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I suspect he extracted the highly-pixelated image from the original tweet, rectified it to make it rectangular, and used a reverse image search engine to look for possible matches.

That or it was a recent tweet from a popular picture blog that he had personally responded to not half an hour before the snapshot of the MP looking at it went viral.

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Sure, you could do that :wink: I couldn’t help myself though and had to see if the reverse image search would work.


Nice job. I’ve used the google tool before, but with mixed results… I didn’t think something that blurry would work.

What a nice chess set!

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