Cruise knew its driverless cars endangered children

Originally published at: Cruise knew its driverless cars endangered children


I’m getting a little tired of tech-dude-bros getting to live test their shitty tech IRL, where it puts real people at risk…


That is a truly amazing amount of fallacy compressed into just two sentences. I am in awe of the bullshit density.


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Yeah, as much as I hate the Tech Bros, of course the amoral assholes are going to do this stuff if the government lets them. Government regulators at both the State and Federal level have really dropped the ball on this.


over my too many years i’ve occasionally overheard (as someone was admiring some audacious vehicle) “ok, but is that street legal?” since the advent of various “auto driving”, “driver-less”, “driver assist” etc, i’ve wondered: So who’s job was it (ever?) to declare/certify something to be “street legal”? and at what level of government?


Yes, I’m aware of that… A major part of the reason why there is a dearth of government regulation, is because tech-dude-bros and their predecessors have been shoveling money into elections to gut regulation since at least the Reagan administration. This is the outcome of that decades long campaign.

Doesn’t mean that the tech-dude-bros aren’t responsible for their actions… people make choices and they should be held accountable for their choices.

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Seems like that’s both a local and state issue?


Maybe. But I’m not going to kill somebody just because the gubmint didn’t stop me.


Who would have thought that allowing Libertarian techno-utopians to do beta tests of vehicles on public streets would turn out badly?


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How hard can it be to fit sensors that scan below the car and say “if anything new detected under here, STOP”


Uh. She’s not dead.

Another vehicle ran a red light and struck a woman tossing her in front of Cruise vehicle which immediately slowed and pulled over, dragging her while it went. She’s in the hospital.

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Cruise has been running tests* in my neighborhood the past few months. Every time I see one (most days on the way home) I wonder who the hell approved it. What functionary has the authority to let 2-ton vehicles with unreviewed hardware and software and no publicly reviewed safety standards prowl the neighborhood?

*The past few weeks were the first time people could take a ride in them. For the previous ~2 months they just drove empty around University of St. Thomas’s campus and surrounding area. There are as obvious for their poor driving as the distinctive vehicle


Yeah, I was also surprised to read that she was dead. The reports I saw said that she had traumatic injuries made much worse by the Cruise car dragging her, but she wasn’t killed.

She was definitely alive as of yesterday according to WaPo.

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