Cruise line apologies after dozens of whales slaughtered in front of passengers

Nice link. I spent a fair amount of time diving on the (NSW) South Coast. I’ve been to that museum.


In some good news about whaling - Iceland suspended its 2023 hunt for minke and fin whales and this is likely to mean the end of operations by the sole operator Hvalur whose licence for fin whaling expires this year.

If people want to guarantee an end to whaling in Iceland - don’t eat whale when you visit! Most Icelanders don’t - indeed have never eaten whale and it was never a major part of the diet. Icelanders didn’t practice whaling until the early 20th Century (although they did previously eat beached whales[1]); so don’t think it is a deeply-engrained cultural thing.

[1] Hvalreki - literally a beached whale also means ‘jackpot’ or ‘great fortune’ in Icelandic; dating back to the time when having several tonnes of protein and fat wash up on your doorstep was seen as a good thing rather than an opportunity to play with dynamite.


Me too! Used to go spearfishing up at Haycocks.


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