Cruise ships experiencing COVID outbreaks despite 'safety protocols'

I just figured everyone has read and heard the petri dish stories and have seen the overflowing toilet videos.
Are people really boarding these boats thinking they were safe?

A couple of days ago I was reading the negative comments directed towards some rock climbers who were portaledged on a rock face. “Too risky” and “too young” and blah blah blah. My feeling is they know the risk and accept the consequences. Is it not the same for cruisers? I mean, the vast majority of cruises are probably fine? And if you choose the wrong boat at the right time… Well at least you went out knowing the risk??

Such a good reason to make a living wielding Admiralty Law.

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Hmm…could be a future Black Mirror episode…


[brief tangent: I imagine you’re quite fond of Arsenic and Old Lace, then? "I’m the son of a sea cook!!!"]


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