Crushing things with a little vacuum pump


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Wot, no tank car?


The vacuum doesn’t crush the drum; ambient air pressure does. I just can’t figure out why it doesn’t crush me. God knows I deserve it more than that poor drum.


You’re too full of hot air.

I’m sorry, you left yourself open for that one.


I for one appreciate the Primitive Technology video stylings: no words, no music, no funky cutting and silliness, no odd voices or repetitions of swearwords or 1337 memes… dammit, ruined a good screed…


That thing really sucks.


I would have liked to see him try to reinflate that big green bottle.




I didn’t realise fridge compressors were that good. Maybe I should cannibalize the next fridge someone leaves on the street. Though, if they threw it out, it’s probably the compressor that died.

But thinking about it, a cheap fridge is similar in cost to (or cheaper than) a cheap vacuum pump, and its compressor is probably quieter and better-made.


It was kind of cool until I realized he was just mashing together plastic and good food and probably throwing it all into a landfill. Then it became less cool.


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