Cthulhu ski masks


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For only $4.23, your children will never sleep again!


Perfect for my next bank robbery.


dammit, i gotta have one of these, lol


I am so angry that they list it on Amazon as knit because it’s clearly crochet. And yes I am a giant nitpicking nerd.


You mean a giant crochet picking nerd




At less than $5 I am worried that there must be near-slave labor involved. Who or what is this mysterious Amurleopard.


Do you r’lyeh want to know?

What do you think the cultists do after being eaten?


You’re going to fit in just fine here! :wink:


Welcome, @Liza_Eckert!


Bought one in red. Now all I need is some scrubs and lobster gloves for my future Zoidberg costume.


I can’t see one of these made by one (speedy) person in any less than 2-3 hours. If it were broken up with some making the tentacles and others making the main part and attaching the tentacles as they hit those rows, maybe around an hour. Obs, the yarn would be bought in bulk, but if I were to make one the yarn would cost nearly their selling price.

And hi @Liza_Eckert! I get the grrrrs too when crochet and knitting are mixed up by sellers like Amazon. Oh, and I have a little cthulhu experience as well. :slight_smile:



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