Gorgeous robotic cosplay wings

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Has anyone seen Sam Lowry?



Imagine how much more such cool things we will have once next to everybody has a decent-sized 3d printer and laser cutter available either directly in their possession, via a friend, or at a local fab lab or hackerspace.

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“Ere I am JH”

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Nice wings… I’m not so keen on the decor though.

People keep asking him how much it cost to make them, and he’s being REALLY cagey about answering them. I understand that “the cost of the materials is meaningless given how many thousand hours he put into them” but some of us would like to know a rough estimate of the cost of the materials so that we can decide whether or not putting in the thousands of hours is feasible.

I mean, if it is a hundred thousand dollars just for materials, the amount of time it takes doesn’t matter.

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What’s wrong with the decor? It’s a damn sight better than the depressing beige-carpeted imminent-crime-scene rental crapboxes so many Youtubers seem to live in.


Maybe he doesn’t have the numbers, and is postponing doing the accounting because there’s more of better work to be done. Keeps happening to me.

“He’s got away from us, Jack.”


Sorry, man, but that’s a horseshit excuse. Building something like this isn’t like punching a lump of wet clay until it looks like how you feel about your parents for not getting you into Cooper Union instead of fucking AAU. I guarantee you there is a BoM and it has a sum total cell.

Of course it’s absolutely his right to keep that to himself, and by that token he could say “none a yer fucken beeswax” when asked gauche questions about money, but weird evasiveness just leads people to think like maybe he hired out alla this fancy engineering insteada doing it himself, and doesn’t want to admit to being just an “idea guy.” Mind you, I have absolutely zero idea if that’s the case, but it is potentially an explanation of why some people might look at him cockeyed in that regard.

Are they FIFA approved?

The BoM is most likely a scattered set of purchases and reclaims, spanning over months. Merely remembering the most important items will require a lot of effort.

I did smaller-scale projects when I tried to track down the BoM later, and it’s sometimes such pain that it’s better to not do it unless REALLY needed.

If he can pull that off, then I want to know how to get such outsourcing done on some reasonable budget. A number of things on my todo list would benefit.

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