Making an insane galactic warrior costume

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Didn’t have time to watch the whole vid but skimmed through to the end - very, very cool! I do like the progression in maker tech from this one from almost 20 years ago (although I still love the wolf and its cockroach “pilot”) .


I’m always amazed how propmakers and dressmakers can turn a flat piece of material (foam, leather, cloth, or paper) in to a 3d object; and don’t get me started on how magical knitting and crochet is!


It’s a cool model, and there are some ideas in the video I found useful, but I can’t help feeling annoyed at the disingenuous presentation. As someone who charges money to do stuff not a million miles from this, I would be quite pissed off if a client believed it was a matter of swinging by Michael’s and freestyling it over a relaxed weekend at my lakeside cottage.

(The CAD model which gets half a second of screen time in this video is actually where most of the work happened, and it wasn’t made using a door and a tape measure either. She and/or her team probably used a 3D scan of the performer’s head, or something equally arduous and un-fun)


Wow. It’s a serious failure of the Google algorithm that it hadn’t already recommended her videos to me. Looks like she started out doing rural crafts stuff and moved into more diverse projects including costumes. Like apparently everyone else, I’ve watched Liziqi rural craft videos and a number of different people’s costume build stuff, so it’s right up my alley. This is some seriously good work. (It occurs to me that there must be a huge number of highly talented costume and model makers working in China that just don’t get seen in the West, in between being largely cut off from Youtube and language barriers.)

Yeah, that surprised me. Seems like an original design, and there’s a reason why most people doing videos of costume-making start out with existing designs, because it saves a hell of a lot of work, even if you have to modify them.

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