Ctrl+Alt+Del 'brass knuckles'

It isn’t centred on my keyboard, either… :neutral_face:

The only thing more American would be to sucker punch a Nazi with a cheap brass bald eagle purchased in Hobby Lobby, while wearing a baseball uniform, while enjoying warm apple pie.



Of all the crap Microsoft did, that’s his one regret? Not leaving security vulnerabilities unpatched for decades, or atrocious UI, or ruining countless good companies they purchased, or crap like the Office Clippy, or Windows Vista or 8 or 10, but the fact that control-alt-delete is a multikey press…?


Awww damn! I already done killed 6 monitors with bare knuckles alone!

I concede that Alt is often not centered on actual keyboards, but this is an aesthetic item. For me, personally, I’d prefer it be centered as then this piece would stand on its own better. However, that would likely make just as many people upset since it might not be considered “pure” at that point. To each their own!

Keys are the wrong size.

Perfect for when you want to be absolutely sure that the secure attention sequence does not go unheeded.

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