Ctrl+Alt+Del 'brass knuckles'


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But, but, but… the Alt isn’t centered. Aaaah!


It isn’t on my keyboard either, but then I’m not any kind of keyhead.

But, is a reboot really something common enough to need a single key? it seems like having three separate fingers, all having to agree to work in concert is a reasonable amount of effort for such a nuclear option. OTOH I’m up in task manager on the reg…


The premium version should be Command-Option-Esc in Rose Gold



Oh Hell No! A single key reset will invariably be accidentally pressed at the worst possible moment. I think the Apple II originally had a single key reset, changed to a two key operation.

Bill’s forgetting that even a soft reset was supposed to be an uncommon operation, and hard to do on purpose.


Apparently he’s gone Android, so perhaps he’s forgotten all that Windows nonsense.


Exactly. Keyboard buttons get pressed all the time, on purpose and accidentally and the last thing i’d ever want is for my computer to restart on me when i did not intend it.


He does say Windows, so he possibly doesn’t mean an MS-DOS soft-reset, but the Windows task manger. Still, that’s not single key for the casual user type stuff.

Right because Android usually has something easy like power-off, hold power and volume-up…


You forgot the uruk-hai chant and ceremonial blood stone dance.


The text isn’t reversed?? If I ever REALLY need to break someone’s cheekbone I’d like to leave “ctrl alt delete” beautifully embossed thereon…


Login, actually. From TFA:

The billionaire Microsoft co-founder admitted Wednesday that the Control-Alt-Delete function originally used to get into Windows computers is an awkward manoeuvre.

Don’t really agree with him. If memory serves, the Three Finger Salute from the DOS days was wired to a special BIOS-level interrupt that was impossible to imitate programmatically, so it was a decent way to co-opt existing hardware to signify the start of a secure login. Using different keystrokes would’ve required everyone to update their bios en-masse, which was impractical before the internet boom.


Problem is that these days Control-Alt-Delete is worthless, now that it no longer brings up the task manager directly. If my computer is locking up, and I need the task manager, the last thing I want to do is force windows to bring a whole new option screen so I can then tell it to go back to what it was doing, but with the task manager open. Control-Shift-Escape is my new god.


nobody seems to care that it’s misspelled?
37 AM25 AM

that’s an “i”, people.


i kinda think that the text should be both reversed , and embossed rather than indented ! leave the indent in the stampee -


Does being misspelled mean it can’t punch nazis?


Only if they correct your grammar


Can’t I punch regular nazis with it?


But of course. Just don’t enjoy it (too much). Nazi punching is a burden we must all bear


Too true… a solemn duty.