Cuba appears to be jamming amateur (ham) radio communicsations

Jamming some old farts on 40m SSB seems like a lot of work for little gain.


And I wonder why, if Cuba is so terrible, the government of the United States of America prevents its citizens from flying there?
Just a heads up. I have been there. Twice. It is not what you’re told it is.


I wouldn’t if I were you. Ayn-caps and bears rarely work well together

Then when you’ve finished reading that, you can read about REAL libertarianism (left wing, the original and still the best) and Cuba.


but , are they blocking other bands ??? all the bands ?? moon bounce ??
hdsm at 5 cm ?? < might not propagate well at all times of the days or years or ever >
etc ??

40 metres may be targeted because a Cuban ham named Arnie Coro some years ago popularized a 40 metre transceiver design that could be made from a locally available television set . I don’t believe commercial ham radio equipment is readily available in Cuba


(Sadly all I can find is this fan edit rather than the full album.)

ETA while sadly missing the first 30 minutes, the remaining 4 hours and 30 minutes of the original OTE broadcast on KPFA from October 1984 is here:



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