Victims of mysterious attack at US embassy in Cuba now have "brain abnormalities"


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“We never see white matter tract problems.”

It’s always never until it isn’t.


Hmm - could this be an unconventional poison, or even disease, which affects the rain, and all the symptoms such as the noises etc are caused by said damage? Or do they have a recording of said noise?


Long live the new flesh!



…investigation shows the GE Funcooker in the embassy lunchroom had a bad klystron tube.



It’s not impossible that the water, or coffee, some other inbound food or beverage could have been poisoned. It’s the everyday stuff that gets taken for granted after all.

Alternately, it could have been microwave or some other bit of targeted RF energy, rather than acoustical energy.


I just seems like Cuba would have more access to a more mundane measure, vs something super high tech. Though they are still allies with Russia who might have something sneaky.

It could be something not even nefarious, just something leeched into the water.


I also kinda wonder if it’s something intentional on Cuba’s part at all. I don’t think I’m going way out there in saying that Raul and Fidel were competent leaders, they kept their country doing pretty much as well as it could considering how their #1 threat was right next door. I don’t think Russia’s going to back Cuba up very well if Cuba starts something; could it be some weird thing that ended up in Havana’s general water supply that didn’t show up in Cuban state news or something?


I’m thinking poison as well: The “white matter” of the brain is more or less made of the same stuff as the rest of the brain (give or take some potassium and base elements) and a sonic/RF weapon would also damage other bits.

Also, I know someone with tinnitus from bad chemistry of sorts, so it’s very, very probable that this is a poison.


Given the recent shinanigans, I could see Russia doing this to stir the pot. But, I guess I don’t understand WHY they would.

Relations are finally thawing, and if Cuba could get an influx of tourist dollars, it can only help them. They don’t have a clear motive.


Could be some of the old CIA Castro assassination poisons escaped from containment.


Exactly. US-Cuba relations were, right before Trump was elected, easily at the highest point since…literally ever, as far as the communist party rule is concerned. I don’t think Trump’s done that much to aggravate Cuba since the inauguration either. Pissing off the US can only harm Cuba.


Exotic poisons are very much their MO.


It happened in Uzbekistan to USAID workers there too:


Something leeched into the water that booms?


Again, has the sound been record? If so, then ok. If not, then perhaps the brain damage manifest in loud sounds.


In the 1970s the U.S. discovered that the Soviets were beaming radiation into rooms at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. It stopped when U.S. agents purposefully said “they have to be idiots to think we don’t know they’re doing it!” in a room they knew to be bugged (actually they knew all the rooms were bugged).

It seems weird that Cuba would start doing something now, after Fidel Castro’s death…Russian involvement in Cuba declined after the Soviet breakup, but maybe Putin is ramping things back up. Or it’s something completely mundane like mold in a crappy old building.


If it was Russia, there is a motive: anything to monkey wrench thawing US/Cuban relations is to their benefit, as historically Cuba has been an outpost for the Soviets.




I’m still seeing assertions from some doctors who claim it was psycho-somatic. Which is often the diagnosis when no one has a damn clue what’s going on. You’d think that if it were actually sonic, it could only target them when they were in specific places, and if they moved, it would disappear. Something I read seemed to suggest that was the case, but if that were the case, how was it that they got the degree of exposure that caused such injuries?

Most of the analysis I’ve read seems to be pretty much premised on the assumption that it wasn’t Cuba, but Russia. I don’t know if they have specific reasons for that, or if it’s more, “Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of thing those fuckers are doing these days.”