Culpeper County, Virginia sheriff gave out deputy badges for cash, say prosecutors

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i need to know who sheriff votes for. if he is a dem, then get the pitchforks. conservative? then it must be antifa’s fault.


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I would give onle 10 dollars


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Grifting is their jam.


Howard informed the bribe payors that their deputy badges would allow them to carry concealed weapons without a permit in all 50 states

Does it though? Did they also have some sort if ID showing that they are actually a sheriff’s deputy? I can buy a badge off ebay or somewhere. It doesn’t have any special powers. It doesn’t make me legally a deputy and if I misused it, I could be charged with impersonating a police officer.

Active duty, reserve, and retired officers should have a form of ID other than a badge. It says something about being an “auxiliary deputy badges”, but If the cops out of state called up the sheriffs office, would the person answering the phones go “Who? We don’t have any officers by that name here.”


Some people have called for backdoors (or if they don’t like that straightforward term, “special law enforcement access” might be a euphemism more to their liking) to people’s electronic communications, even those that are encrypted. Would these bought badges allow their holders to access those backdoors?

If so, and if possessing them wasn’t likely illegal and using them unethical, imagine if one of those badges made their way into the hands of someone on the staff of a news program (or perhaps Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.) Would they be willing to demand “special law enforcement access” as part of a “confidential ongoing investigation” to lawmakers’ texts, calls, and emails?

Deputy Kathy; it’s got a ring to it.


“What can one do with a Deputy Sheriff’s badge from Culpeper County, Virginia?”

Answer: Use it to legally carry a concealed firearm in any state in the country including California and New York.


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